Our duo invite you to their collection of embroidered illustrations.

**Les Vertueuses Clémence et Anne-Louison, les Fondatrice de la marque d'accessoires brodés à Toulouse

Clémence (on the left) is the creative, a graduate of ESMOD where she was able to sharpen her textile know-how and her creativity.
An inveterate collector of aesthetic emotions and passionate about the textile world, she draws her inspiration from novels, Art, travel ...
Every day a new idea emerges and is reflected in his sketchbooks.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
Anne-Louison (right) is methodical, she cut her teeth at
Toulouse Business School, which allowed him to acquire the tools to start a business.
In line with her partner, she ensures the proper development of the brand.
She loves music, hand embroidery and travel, among other things ...
Met at their common workplace, Clémence passed on her love for embroidery to Anne-Louison.
From thread to needle, endless possibilities have opened up.
Driven a frenzied thirst to embroider, sublimate, adorn and personalize everything.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
Collection of mini-worlds in the image of a personal cabinet of curiosities - of which the English translation: "Object of Vertu" is such a pretty false friend - thus was born
 LES VERTUEUSES - embroidered objects.